Angular JS is a next generation JavaScript framework developed by Google. AngularJS Development is used for creating dynamic browser based applications. Static documents can be created with HTML5, but it fails when declaring dynamic views for web based applications. Here’s where AngularJS steps in. Because it follows the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern of development, it greatly reduces the time to create web applications.

The need for decoupling between the client – server apps and turning HTML into a fully functioning app gave rise to this technology. AngularJS also provides you with complete control over DOM elements. Coding standards used are clean and readable. It helps increase the HTML vocabulary and build powerful, well structured and feature rich applications in a modular style. Where scalability is an essential element, AngularJS Development could be your best bet!

We provide you with reliable AngularJS development services to build apps that are feature rich and scalable and that cater to complex business requirements. Our highly skilled developers write a completely clean code without boiler plates and have access to the most advanced tools, resources and technologies that enables us to develop web and mobile apps as per client’s specific requirements.angularjs

AngularJS Features

  • It has a lightweight codebase.
  • It uses MVC architecture that accelerates development.
  • Can be easily integrated with any stack. Eg. PHP, Python, Ruby etc.
  • Has reusable HTML components.
  • It is REST Friendly.
  • Can be easily integrated into existing libraries.
  • Has the strong and reliable backing of Google.
  • Is mobile ready and hence futuristic in nature.